Social Skills

A pastor I once was counseling with once asked me how my social skills are. I wanted to ask, “What’s that?” LOL But understanding that he meant that in the sense of worldly eyes, I simply said something like, “Not Good.”

Since then I have improved, but not to the point of being popular in this world. I figured out that much since then. We can develop our social skills so much that we are popular in this world, but miss out on the kingdom of Elohim.

Since then, about 30 years now my social skills have become so developed that I adhere to my best behavior in the Ruach than social skills in this world that cause me to be popular among men. Some people become so popular in the worldly sense that they miss the Father’s everlasting kingdom that they are not walking on Holiness.

Scripture tells us that without holiness we will not see Elohim (God).

Now ask yourself. Do you want to be popular with the world and die in your sins? Or do you want to be popular with Elohim, irritate this world a bit because you are Ekklesia (sold out) and have riches in eternity forever because you chose holiness?

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