The Assembly

The truth is hard to receive for many, but brings us to closer obedience to the Word of Elohim.

When we observe a church or Assembly with a large gathering and the praise and worship is the best it can be and it appears to be anointed. However, in the eyes of Elohim there are times he sees a dead, failing Assembly. The house of Elohim is not a showcase of competition or popularity. It’s about being as a child, being humble and walking with an attitude of gratitude holding to thanks giving, walking in faith and obeying his Torah which starts with love.

It is a place where the body of Messiah can enter where the Pastors or others are not elevated above the rest. The Pastors aren’t necessarily the Teachers and they simply serve a role in the Assembly. It is a place where people hear the whole, complete unfiltered Word of Elohim that both pierces and heals the soul.

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