Boycott Walmart

I am bringing this article back. For awhile, Walmart lightened up on barricading their entrance ways. Recently they started again then removed them. Now when I enter the store there is some loud mouthed guy who asks me if I have a mask, I look him square in the eye and say, “I’m exempt!” Then I take a cart and proceed into the store.
Here is what I am doing. I am now shopping online and ordering through Amazon Prime and even though I will pay a monthly fee for that, it is much cheaper than buying gas and paying vehicle expenses. We shop at Bass Pro quite often also and so now I will order online from them instead of driving there which will save one hour in driving.
When we go grocery shopping, we shop at stores that don’t have people outside coercing people to wear a mask.
I urge you to boycott Walmart also and discover new ways of shopping that will not support them and others who feed the Corona Fear. I don’t know how much of an impact it might make but we can try. Please encourage people you know also to change their shopping habits. If you have any questions on more ways to shop online so you don’t have the expense of buying gas, login to and talk to us. We have groups you can join and discuss these things in also.
Let’s work together to hinder the work of the enemy. We already know that the Corona Virus kills less people than the common flu and that this whole situation is being blown way out of proportion in order to control the masses.
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